Sandblasting New Jersey



Sandblasting New Jersey steel

We are now offering Sandblasting as an additional service.  Last year we were able to begin a relationship with Gray Supply .  Gray is a major player in the Natural Gas industry. Providing New Jersey Natural Gas with a top level of service. The new pipe they fabricate and install above ground, must be Sandblasted and then quickly coated.  We have elected to do the Sandblasting ourselves in order to better control schedules. This allows us to Blast and Paint as we go.

Intumescent Fire proofing – Fire retardant coating – Fire proof paint

Spray on Intumescent Fire proofing .  We recently attended a class hosted by Sherwin Williams in Edison, NJ  concerning there Intumescent Fire retardent coating.  It was well attended and many questions and comments were brought forward.  We learned about ratings and thicknesses based on steel type and coating thickness. Competitors such as Carboline and Albi were discussed as to the differences in application and initial coating thickness.  We have applied other Intumescent coatings in the past and look forward to using  Firetex.

Painting at the Historic Waterloo Village – What a pleasure

We have begun a project at Waterloo Village, repainting two 18th century buildings. Painting at the historic Waterloo village was an honor. One building we’re working on is the Carriage house, the other is the Seymour Smith House.

Care must be taken when preparing these structures for paint. Only mild soap and light bleach should be used. Low pressure water rinse. And then a lot of hand scraping . Followed by light sanding, Primer , caulk and finish coats. Colors are selected by identifying the underlying coats of paint and choosing the correct time period.

Painting at the Historic Waterloo Village – What an honor, indeed!