Painting New Jersey schools

Summer painting at New Jersey’s schools.  Summer at a school is a beehive of activity, painting , cleaning and repairing.  All with very little time to get the work done.

As one of New Jersey’s premier Painting contractors, Spectra Painting, Inc is proud of our reputation with local school systems.  We have been producing quality work at many area schools since the late 1990s.

Summer is fully upon us and so too is our School work.  We recently completed an Auditorium repaint at Wall Intermediate and are currently working at Rumson Schools, followed by Warren Township and  Fairhaven.

These jobs require quick turn around as the staff needs time to put the classrooms back in order for the start of the new school year.

The paint of choice these days is a water based pre catalyzed epoxy.  It is super durable, easy to apply and staff can touch up as needed without the need to mix a normal epoxy.