Sandblasting New Jersey



Sandblasting New Jersey steel

We are now offering Sandblasting as an additional service.  Last year we were able to begin a relationship with KIELY. KIELY  is a major player in the Natural Gas industry. Providing New Jersey Natural Gas with a top level of service. The new pipe they fabricate and install above ground, must be Sandblasted and then quickly coated.  We have elected to do the Sandblasting ourselves in order to better control schedules. This allows us to Blast and Paint as we go.

Painters in New Jersey

Since 1989, Spectra Painting, Inc. has been the Contractor of choice for many local General Contractors, Property managers and Business owners. We are equipped and experienced in many of the areas of using Paint as a design element or a serious method of protection against the elements. Elements such as Weather, Fire and general wear and tear. We can Sandblast a steel component and recoat it to last many years. We can also paint your office to give it a fresh new look. Call us today.