Intumescent Fire proofing – Fire retardant coating – Fire proof paint

Spray on Intumescent Fire proofing .  We recently attended a class hosted by Sherwin Williams in Edison, NJ  concerning there Intumescent Fire retardent coating.  It was well attended and many questions and comments were brought forward.  We learned about ratings and thicknesses based on steel type and coating thickness. Competitors such as Carboline and Albi were discussed as to the differences in application and initial coating thickness.  We have applied other Intumescent coatings in the past and look forward to using  Firetex.

How to seal a treated deck.

A good question with a thousand answers . First you must clean it . This is necessary to allow the sealer to penetrate and not cause a blotchy appearance. Pick up a Liquid deck cleaner and ” read ” the directions you’ll need a garden pump sprayer too. Spray the wood to wet all areas. Allow to work recommended time , and rinse , preferably with a pressure washer , be careful not to get too close as it will leave marks.
Once its completely dry , a day or so , fill up that pump sprayer with your sealer of choice. use light weight plastic to protect the house, grass, furniture , Its best to get a local dealers help on which product based on your climate, amount of sun , rain etc.


Happy sealing


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Electrostatic Painting NJ

For more than 20 years Spectra Painting, Inc ,  has be providing high quality Electrostatic Painting services to the tri-state area.  Our first major project was a Shoprite in Staten Island back in the 90s.  It was our first large case paint.  Since then we have done thousands of feet of product cases as well as hundreds of Check stands.  This is tricky work as the stores are normally open when we start. So dodging customers is in play.  And we must be finished and cleaned up by the time they open in the early morning.  A true challenge. We always seem to make it happen though.  I am involved in all phases of the process and from experience try to limit any hiccups that may occur.  We have a customer base that trusts us completely  because of this commitment to quality and efficiency .  Electrostatic Painting is a mystery to most people, however, if you think of it as just another method of applying paint to a surface, it will help.  The magnetic attraction caused by the unit merely helps reduce Overspray and will allow the paint to wrap around small corners, that’s it.  Not a real hard concept to understand. It does not make the paint “stick better ” .


Eric Doeler


Spectra Painting, Inc